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Poop Guys

Poop Guys were created in 1997 also, but in a different class. They started out being made out of yes Poop, but they evolved and now they only consume it. Yummy! Many other characters have come off of the Poop Guy look, including Poop Animals and "Dekadee". 


Two new comics are already written and are in the final stages of illustration. They will immediately be posted here when finished!

  1. Poop Guy comic "Hey a Poop Guy!" (290k)

  2. Poop Guy comic "The evolution of Poop Guys"   [Second part in progress]

  3. Poop Guys (161k)

  4. Poop Products (166k)

  5. Poop Guy "Ouch Series" (62k)

  6. Skate Boarding Poop Guys (185k)

  7. "School Sucks" August 1, 2000

  8. "Poop Guy saves the Day" August 1, 2000

  9. Ouch Series 2- coming soon. 












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