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REDD STUDIOS The writings of Kevin Weir
















    I started writing poetry and songs during the summer of 2000. Recently I have been writing very short story like pieces. And have gathered many of them. They are about time, space, civilization, loneliness, the imagination, earth and animals mostly. I include a great deal in one piece, it may be hard to figure out what I'm saying. 

    One of my friends said "I cant tell whether its just a whole bunch of cool words put together or if I'm too stupid to figure out the meaning." Well its neither, anyone can find meanings or something they like. Because I placed no major boundaries on most of the pieces they make sense to me mostly, but the fun part of reading poetry and writing is that you can find multiple meanings for one striking line or metaphor. And no, these writings are not just words put together.

  These pieces are evolving still and I most enjoy writing the imagination stories but have been more influenced by emotion in the later ones. Well I hope you enjoy these please contact me if you would like to send comments, questions or if you want to talk to me at all about the stories.




                                 copyright 2001, Kevin Weir