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REDD STUDIOS The writings of Kevin Weir










a Preface by Gary Duma


Post modernism has yet to see the likes of a Kevin Weir, and sadly writers of this magnitude only appear after long durationís of time. Imagination and all out creation have been metaphorical ameba when compared to the works in the following pages. The underlying themes and descriptions are only blatant to the aware mind, so those who do not grasp the hidden meanings and the pure emotion must repetitively read until the deeper satisfaction hits.

The beauty and perfection of creativity is that there is no set standard of what each work can mean. Reading them closely and intricately will allow the reader to get the full perspective, and thus make their own conclusions. One metaphorical line can mean something to one person, but the complete opposite to another. There is no limit to the imagination. A single line can have a thousand meanings. This is the beauty of the work at hand.

Continuing on and on about these writings would not give them justice. It is impossible to give a brief overview of their style, creativity, and breach of all forms of imagination in only a few short paragraphs. So I leave you with this, prepare yourself the reader for a very symbolic journey deep in the mind of Kevin Weir.









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