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REDD STUDIOS The writings of Kevin Weir













       | AOL INSTANT MESSENGER- meshface

                      copyright 2001, Kevin Weir


Trample your senses to scar the walls. On the stained yellow floor the strangers do stand. Behind the ceiling on top of the basement of the carpeted stairs, painted white rooms with curtains from thirty some years before there is a book that means everything and nothing at the same time. Lefty Jones you can call him hefty bones, one day he has a revelation, so he shouts it at you. More spit and fang than the rat-face dog next door, and more closed gates in his mind than the guarded palace.

So I Take a bow and walk down the abandon road without a chance for them to care. Meet the snake soldier in the dust, take the best water from the clearest stream. To glide in the wind of the softest breeze of freedom, where I can see the sunset without excitement of shadows scratching my sight. To understand more than anyone ever could, to question anything I ever wanted, to see as far outside this place I ever imagined. The infinity conquers me.


Reverse II

A lazy eyed frozen stare at the double sun. A mask of simplicity to please the leaves. Robins roaring cracks in their voice, peck at the scalp of their new victims.


A tragedy in the sand, the scorpion has bitten someone's hand. A creation over looked by ten thousand possible fools, seeking work food and tools. The creek changes clarity often and wishes it were as big as a river and holding eels, scaring you with its threat to flood.


A time where nothing was needed except need itself and the only belief was sunset's promise. A day when the owl's eyes were much brighter, its claws were much sharper better to pierce the skin of an unsuspecting mouse. But this thorn-covered night the mouse changed attacked the owl upon impact and it feasted that night.


A butterfly in the snow, frozen for love. A rock for the rebel to throw and a flag for the soldier to carry into battle..



Beauty plus X

Arms folded purple red sunset in her face.

Cell #insanity, He runs from that place.

The chains of yesterday still the same as today. Upside crucifixion in the middle of the ocean, invisible nails. The smell of sharks comes along and blood shot eyes cry to the clouds. Crown of thorns, crown of scars and maybe it wasn't really upside down, but it's definitely in the middle of the ocean. A soar neck on the collar bone and vein bumpy arms that are numb, the pain of eternal loneliness and the loss of the ability to speak. A scream can be shattered and a wave can be formed upon the beaches of sunny paradise, animals collide into each other with great fear. A destructive wave from the middle of the ocean a praying eagle on the edge of the beach rocks. The water doesn't bother him, but the wind can be seen on the feathers of his chest. And the woman in the purple red sunset yells to the eagle and runs and sits miles away on a grassy secluded hill.



Around Us

    A swirl in the sand, invisible snake upon the brown dust. A crack strike flash of a bite a sting in the wound, a drop of blood a drop of water to the ground. A horrifying hollow sound rattles through out the air. The volume like a slope increases and rips into breaking point.

"Whoa the repetition of it"

"Hear it there it is, frightening to me, a sound much more powerful than a thunder of disaster."

"What comes before the future is the breath you live today."

"What are talking about? This sound, my ribs. It hurts my ribs."

"To tell something from your mind, mostly experience and much less creation of your brain."

"We need to get out of here fast."

"Fear and you forgot the bird that sits behind us, it has the most reflections in any of the feathers, spectrums never seen before on such a raptor. But you think of the sound."

"I read once that You should run for cover at the moment of such a sound."

"And you also only wish for things you don't have."

   Running to a non existent open field. Sweating and wasting breath for something that only appears in your mind. Going out of control at all the wrong places in time. Making mistakes of actions of words they speak you react in the same. Clocks slow when changes are waiting to occur when the only action that is taken is the one in the mind, the planned one that hangs on a string, connected to the hands.

   Still this patience causes the want for freedom and never gets anything done. So throw down that shovel in your hand and stop digging. Start to climb, its much faster and the sunrise and sunset will become the topic of tomorrow's discussion, especially when you can see it over the painted buildings.


Tell, Tell

With a Z located in Tell, Tell. Giant Z and K snappy name snappy figure of a person, snappy like pointed outlines with yellow for sale, on sale only for a limited time. Explosion, whistle blowing yellow hair, neon shirts. White shoes off to the theater and a bowl of cereal the hog on the front is his friend, fifteen stamps funny jokes in a pocket of collection. Laugh laugh Hey Hey magazines and trends of the day, sandwich wrapped fresh bag of candy and gum always bubble gum. Pink chomp fool reckless shouting, Tell Tell the assistant you will be right back and give the note written with a broken pencil.


Mind Battle

Don't turn around at the result, for the explanation was always there. In the sadness of loss they bring you new pain. At the decision of thought, the destination of multiple choice fates, at which rate does runs side by side with destiny. Pushed back by the slowing down of complications, one loss and something gained and the chain is made of triangles. Stumbling backwards pushed back again and what was something fun now becomes strange and disturbing a singular fact of dislike. The difficulty of sight at what it could be the vision of the precise model always slipping on the ledge, hanging like the hair on a dusty desktop. When the fresh breathe, the click in the head occurs there may be some sort of hope. But the bag of bricks is tied on the back and rages with slowing you down. A run through the dense forest, crawling across the desert, determination and the drive. The blistering touch of freedom.



Law holds a ball of fire in its hand. And as laughing Mack runs by with his hair in the wind, he bumps the hand of the law. The statue of a monument the monument of a dedication to the memorial of another hero a hero of ten thousand a hero of the law. The continuous click of the metal heals, on the rebel Mack "Let liberty live, this gift I give! Tear down the walls! Scream in the Library!" Law with its common jaws a jagged structured rock form of a face like every image itís given out.

Across the street there is homeless man they call "C3" (Crazy Choice Carl) the different things kind of guy, who became brick wall artist and anti live your dream guy, looks at Mack and throws his old match sticks guy, looks at Law and says "How was steak last night?" guy.

"Mack for the emotion, Mack for the scream. Mack for the reactions. Mack scares the team." Carl thinks. Back to Law which is burned from the fire, runs after Mack. Patiently Law chases him and soon catches up and stops Mack.

Mack with his tired stare and deep breathing looks at Law. When then an angry ice cream man gives law a bullet and Mack a flower.


Reverse III

A plate full of nothing falls from the sky. The cat loses balance and falls onto its back. Rivers run faster, rivers flow quicker, lakes splash harder. Birds gain height into the air, people become less aware. The sun becomes greener, the moon gains a red tint. Blood turns cold. Changes all around.

What crawls deserves nothing but that, what is dark has had much sun. What is clear has not seen any light at all. The smell of an ocean not on earth, the water that falls not from the sky. Each thought bouncing within the same bubble. The needle outside mocks the people with answers. Other bubbles are invisible to them, well most of them.

Slippery floor covered in dark blue ink. Rats slide into their holes. A group of the insane scream in common clothes.

And the beauty of earth is given to them, a fact not an opinion. The blue sky shatters the aware eye, the clouds crack the aware mind. To those who pass it by, they only pass themselves by. Wondering why problems attack them.




Beach Flower

When I fall into the shallow waters of clarity and sit in the cloudy sky and weak sun day, the beauty covers the land. The noise of bird's incomplete songs continues and becomes a part of the slow hiss of the shore changing its features. And under the tree, sits a stunning flower. Like an icy rainstorm in the middle of a scorched desert, it relieves me from my pain. The sight takes the blade from my spine, it could make a lonely man feel welcomed somewhere. While the flower eternally stares at paradise I try to talk to it. The words I speak drop to the floor before any ear can pick them up. There is some kind of dragon in between us and it would be a battle to get there. I plan to put risk in my pocket and not fear anything I may lose to the sand. And if this flower's colors deceive me, then I shall climb the mountain where different pedals are placed.